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Well... it happened...

I bought the SCR950 last Thursday. I have been without a running motorcycle for about the last 3 years. I bought this one brand new and I made it to 32 miles before a near miss accident.

A van pulled out right in front of me while I was driving 60mph (the speed limit). They looked right at me and I must have been a ghost and they didn't see me.
Fortunately, there was no one in the oncoming lane so I had plenty of room to go around them.
However, if the van was going left instead of right, or there was a vehicle in the oncoming lane,
I might be typing this from a hospital bed or not at all.

Almost every intersection I enter, I assume that someone is going to pull out, run a red light, etc. I was hoping that I would make it to at least 1,000 miles before having a near miss, but 32 miles certainly surprised me.

Stay safe out there, guys and gals.
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I give this advice to every new rider I meet...
" If you only remember one thing that I tell you, please remember this.....
EVERYONE out there is trying to kill you!"
That might sound a little harsh but it reminds me to ride defensively. I too had a very close call...
Father's Day 2007 I treated myself to a nice 350 mile scenic ride up and down the Mississippi river on my then new FJR. Around the 300 mile mark, I'm entering a 50 mph corner when I meet 2 cars coming in my direction! The idiot was passing the other car on a blind corner in a no passing zone! Guard rails on both sides with 3 foot shoulders. I don't think I even slowed down when we all 3 passed each other at the same time! Stay alert to stay alive! Ride safely! Jevers

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Sorry to hear you’ve had drama. I seem to be quite lucky with such things, only had a couple myself in years of riding. I do wonder whether this is because I ride somewhat ‘assertively’...it kinda forces people to pay attention and notice you.
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It didn't shake me up, but I just get irritated that people don't pay attention, and I mean that when I am driving in my truck as well.

I know accidents happen, but a simple double check before pulling out or entering an intersection doesn't take much effort and certainly reduces the chance of an accident.
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I taught my kids to ALWAYS look twice before you pull forward in ANY traffic situation, and NEVER move forward simply because the light turned green. I honestly believe that bikers and truckers are by far the best drivers on the road. In those two examples your life or your livelihood depend on your skills and abilities.

Ride Safe!

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