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Thumbs up What to love or hate about the 2017+ Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler?

if you can share a few things about your ownership of the 2017+ Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler, what would it be? The most liked or hated, share them with every one I am sure you won't be the only one.
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Favorite part - the handlebar. Least favorite - the high, hard and ridiculously painful seat. As well as the overall weight and location - high and far from the center of gravity - of said weight.
I'd also nominate Yamaha as the world's best bracket maker on the sheer ingenuity shown on this bike. The side panels, the tail light and turn signals, the seat holding contraption - Yamaha could have eliminated that by putting a longer tongue on the seat and bolting it to the Bolt's seat bolt woweeee - Bolt it to the bolt's seat bolt - LOL
I am yet to get the battery out BTW, so I am sure more colorful descriptions follow.
Muffler is getting hacked off next, so lets see - they make a unique part that will land in the trash can on day 1 or 12
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I never had a bike without a sixth gear before 😞
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Very Economic price, Simple Design, Easy Maintenance, no fairing
Big powerful engine with loads of torque, Drive Belt (No Chain lubrication needed), Air Cooled (no radiator flush needed)
Can easily be converted to a Bolt

Negatives that can be fixed: (from easier to harder)

Seat => Corbin or Seat Concepts
Luggage => Fehling Rack, custom mounted saddle bags / top box
Shocks (Specially Rear ones) => can be replaced with other options

Negatives: (that are almost impossible to change)

Small gas tank, no center stand, stock tires with Tube (pain to fix)
wheels with sprockets (nice looking but not practical)

Over All, I would buy it again...
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Relatively inexpensive, even without the now common discounts on leftover bikes.
Decent engine with character and usable power. Not too little. Not too much.
Simple to maintain. Screw and locknut valve adjustment. Creative sorts can synchronize the
throttle body with aquarium tubing, ATF, zip ties and a yard stick.
Unique. I have yet to see another on the road in two years of ownership. Take that HD owners! LOL
It gets attention from riders and non riders alike. Most want to know what year model it is and are surprised it's new/modern.
Belt drive. Set and forget adjustment between tire changes.

The ridiculously bad seat. Corbin, Seat Concepts or custom seem to be the best ways to avoid the pain.
Awkward turn signal switch position. They "fixed" something that didn't need fixing. I have to think about moving my hand and getting my thumb on the button every single time.
The mirror vibration. It only goes away when you turn the bike off or spend $$$ on new bars, mirrors, etc.
It's a one year wonder. Thankfully, most of the hard parts are shared with the Bolt 950 going back to 2014.
The stock tires contribute to the vibes on par with the V twin engine. Roll a SCR950 on smooth pavement and you can feel the tire tread: thud-thud-thud-thud...

I'm okay with the spoked wheels. They look great and are more forgiving than cast wheels - an important detail on a bike this small & this heavy come pothole time.
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Pros: the price is right; I didn't want to put this first, but if you go to the dealer for a brand new bike what do you compare this with? A Suzuki TU250? Maybe a Rebel 300? Seems like a fine bike, but I'll take the 950 every time. Torque; low rev power is fun off the line, easy to pass, always available. Unique; you're not going to run into a whole lot of people on this thing, I imagine it would be a pretty happy occasion if you did. Cons: the seat is hot garbage; it's just bad, we all know it. Customization; most of the changes I see on this forum are done with left over parts from other bikes, it's fun to solve a puzzle if you're mechanically inclined, but we don't even have an out of the box fender eliminater kit for this thing. I bet they could sell one kit for every two bikes that rolled off the floor and it's a shame that the kit for the bolt just doesn't match up. That's just one example, I've been looking for a derby cover...nope, how about a...nope they don't have that either, whatever it is.

- Chuck
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Originally Posted by eddie View Post

It's a one year wonder. Thankfully, most of the hard parts are shared with the Bolt 950 going back to 2014.
Single year production should be listed under the Pros Eddie.
Especially for those who plan to keep them in a reasonably stock form. I see them as becoming collectors items one day.

Someday, you'll own some Yamahas

70 Yamaha CT175
71 Yamaha CT175
71 Yamaha JT60
72 Yamaha JT60 (2)
74 Yamaha DT360
75 Yamaha GT80
75 Yamaha DT100
75 Yamaha DT125
75 Yamaha DT175
76 Yamaha DT175
75 Yamaha DT250 (2)
75 Yamaha DT400
76 Honda Z50
17 Yamaha SCR950
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BTW is this thing direct injection or some crap like that. My throttle response is very very abrupt.

And no **** engine braking - the GS500's have a lot of that and better yet, all of mine had clip on's and I would tuck into em like a GP racer and sit up like a sail when I wanna slow and boom it was like hitting the brakes. This is like coasting when I do that.

I also am wondering if a c spec handle bar position would let me hide below the wind and then raise myself into the wind.
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Oh BTW how the bloddy **** do you check the oil in this thing without having a helper ???
They should have a marking on the dipstick where it should be on the kick stand on level ground . grrrr I'll make one I guess.
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The Tires - they begin to howl at 60 MPH and only get louder the faster you go.
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