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  1. Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler Pictures
    I bought this thing with 800 miles on it, now over 30,000 and still going strong! This is the first real paint job I have ever done. I think it looks pretty good but its got a couple little blemishes. Definitely a learning curve with painting so I think the next time I try it will come out...
  2. Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler General Discussion
    I was ordering new tires for spring. I had been running The Shinko 805/804's at the stock tire size. I'm thinking about getting a differnt tire this time and its only available in 150/70-17. Has anyone experimented with different tire sizes? Any reason to think that 150 would be a problem...
  3. Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler General Discussion
    Hello All! I am new to the SCR950 family, I picked mine up a couple weeks ago with the original tires and just can't stand them. I don't plan to spend anytime on the dirt (I live in California's Bay Area) and so after reading other posts on this forum I had thought about getting the Michelin...
1-3 of 3 Results