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Just came back from an amazing 3 days trip to Southern California
round trip 1009.2 miles (from my garage door back to my garage door)

took the KLR650 that I bought earlier this year
and I had a friend of mine, who used "twisted road" website to rent a bike

he had a 2007 BMW GS 1200 R
a BEAST ! that's literally double the engine size of my KLR !

we took highway 1 all the way down to Venice Beach, stopping for sight seeing... and taking photos of the beautiful ocean views...

first day was more than crazy, I left at 3:30 AM .. and ended up getting off the bike 12:30 AM of the next day
logging 508 miles only in day 1 (just cause of so many stops) which wasn't my favorite, but that's the price of going with others anyway... :)

if I was by myself I'd just be riding and only stopping for gas or emergency....

second day we headed back (again taking highway 1)
we stopped at San Luis Obispo.... logging 227 miles

and finally headed back to the bay area, and from there I rode home ... finally logging 274 miles.....

The only reason I didn't go using the SCR is because the tire was already worn out and it wouldn't have made it ....
also the oil was due too...

there was also a possibility of going on some unpaved roads (since the initial plan was visiting Yosemite on the way back)

the trip is a part of my dream to do a cross country on the motorcycle .. (which is 4000 miles)

I highly believe it's totally doable right now... it just needs some good rest and staying hydrated along the trip ...

will try to upload some pics from the phone... :)

hoping I can learn some experiences from people who went on long hauls here too ...
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