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Back in April we noticed the Star Motorcycles website was being redirected to Yamaha’s website, and we broke news with an official response from Yamaha that its Star Motorcycles brand was being reabsorbed into Yamaha’s street lineup now split into four segments: Sport, Super Sport, Sport Heritage, and Cruiser.

Yamaha notes there is some crossover traffic in the latter two categories, with both camps appreciating customization, timelessness, authentic materials, engine character and social lifestyles. While aging Boomers and Gen Xers are moving to more comfortable and practical baggers, Gen Y is digging on lighter and simpler cafe racers and scramblers.

Yamaha’s most successful cruisers of late have been the Bolts, and Yamaha is bringing about further distinctions between the Bolt and Bolt R-spec. The R ($8,399) will maintain its current “sport” positioning, while the regular version ($7,999) will get reinforcements to its “timeless character,” which for 2017 means new wire-spoke wheels. Both Bolts get a nice upgrade with a new flangeless fuel tank (no ugly seams!) that holds an extra 1.2 liters. Also new for the 2017 Bolts, available in August, are “improved appearance wire guides.”

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