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Wheres everyone else at?
Anyone close?


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Just under 400. I have a little ways to go.
1300 on #2
8200 miles...

just changed the rear tire, oil / filter / air filer with a direct K&N OEM replacement .. and spark plugs !!
Think I'm somewhere around 27k miles or 43k kms and still fun as heck.
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Other Yamaha. ;-)
Dang, that clean 40k. When I first started looking at bikes and didn't know much I was always shocked that so many for sale had so little miles on them. Glad to know there's plenty of us out there driving ours well passed that 'mint' condition.
My co-worker has his Dad's GL1500 Goldwing with well over 300,000 miles. I've seen & heard it run in person and it's fine.
Honda ST1100s had a reputation for getting better once they had 50k miles on them.
Long Haul Paul Pelland put 170k+ on his 2012 Super Tenere without ever actually washing it.
It's in as-donated condition in the Barber Motorsports Museum and actually has a certain "odor" to it. LOL
A NC700/750 group member has over 100k miles on one of those with no real issues and it's even the DCT model with twin clutches.
Bikes last as long as one takes some semblance of care with them.

Note: I bought my SCR950, FZ-8, FZ09 and Super Tenere + my girlfriend's V-Star 950 from the dealership that donated the sign in the photo from Barber below. =)


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