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Anyone done this? Have seen it mentioned various places on the interwebs dealing with the Bolt.
I looked into this, even going so far as to make some notes on my phone, should I ever encounter a likely pulley at an auto jumble or similar. I didn’t pursue it too much, as those who have done it suggest the difference is marginal at best (maybe a few hundred revs).

Here’s the notes I made though:

Front Sprocket/Pulley
SCR/Bolt has 30T front pulley
5S7-17651-00-00 (part no from Fowlers).

People swapping them for a 31T pulley from a Stryker (XVS1300 Custom in U.K.)

5S7 = 950 engine.
27D = 1300 engine.

Beware - front pulley from XVS1300 Midnight Star etc have a front pulley with P/N: 3DS-17651-00-00. Some suggestion this is also 30T, so of no use!

Key is to count the teeth - you want a 31T sprocket.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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