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Accessory power lead switched with ignition?

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I need to wire up power to a relay that is only energized when the ignition is on. My old Honda’s either had an accessory lead under the seat or in the headlight shell. Did Yamaha do something similar for the SCR?

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Nothing deliberate that I am aware of.
If all you need is a little current for a relay, the tag light lead would do nicely.
Just an FYI, the 950 Bolt has a power lead hidden in the headlight shell. The SCR does not.

I snagged some connectors for the tag light and will wire up a splitter to my relay, without having to hack apart the SCR's wiring harness.

Also I see on the wiring diagram that there is a spare fuse that appears to be powered. Can't trace were it goes because the wiring harness diagram isn't clear about what happens in connectors... :/

Well, "backup" doesn't mean "spare". The "backup" fuse is for the trip odometer and clock. So I'll be sticking with the plan to pull power from the tag light.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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