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adjusted rear brake pedal height

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so yesterday, was sick of the foot position of the rear brake pedal with my foot angled outward at 45deg. changing the height of the pedal is pretty easy.
remove 2 bolts/nuts holding the whole pedal assembly to the frame.
loosen lock nut on the pedal rod.
remove lower spring.
remove cotter pin and pivot pin for the pedal rod.
spin forward half of adjustment section of pedal rod to raise or lower pedal height.
make sure new pedal rod length doesn't pull the spring to activate the brake light switch in its new position.
reinstall is putting it back in reverse.
now my foot rests comfortably straight on the foot peg and the pedal pad just barely below my toes. much better!
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Thanks for the pedal adjustment guide. How tall are you to necessitate this on the SCR950?
i'm 5'11''. the brake pedal height adjustment was more for having my right foot in a more comfortable position on the peg over the pedal not next to it.
This is a great idea, I just did 530 miles and I was having to put my foot under the pedal just for some comfort. Thanks, I will be doing this tomorrow.
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