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anyone can measure something for me in mm? need it asap

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Hi thanks for reading, I wonder if someone could measure the thickness of the metal part with a hole that is above the upper mounting point of the rear shocks.
I need this in mm if possible.
If you wanna help further would need the diameter of the hole, again in mm, and the diameter of the hole on the frame below the seat where the subrfame extends.
I am trying to adapt a thing to protect my side panels from hitting the wheel. I do not have the bike with me at present.
Pic attached.



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Hi Muttley,
As far as upper metal part of the rear shocks:

Thickness 24,5 mm.
Hole 9,5 mm. Looks like imperial thread because an M10 bolt doesn’t fit. It catches only one turn and then it stucks.

Hole on the frame below the seat:

It can host a M8 bolt, 8mm. Cannot measure as I’ve installed a Fehling rack.
Hope this can be of any help.


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hi and thanks for the responses! much appreciated
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