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Anyone have an SR400?

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I really like the little thing. I have my SCR950, and I dunno how, but new bike lust is still upon me. The SR400 looks like a ton of fun in a lightweight package. Like the SCR, it looks like a motorcyle should... anybody got one?

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Recently had a black 2017 after a wave of nostalgia for my old SR500. Lovely classic and the 2018 comes in an attractive blue.

However, I soon found kick starting (only) too difficult at age 70+ with arthritic knees. Otherwise the SR400 would have definitely been a keeper. Downsized even more to a TW200. The thread is here:

My buddy has one and swears by it. The kick-start only and compression release can be kind of frustrating at first but it's still a really cool bike that will run forever and satisfy the vintage, nostalgic-loving Yammy fans.
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