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Clip on handlebars

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Hey y’all, I’ve been looking at some of the handlebar threads on here and they’re pretty old. I was looking to get new handlebars for my SCR950 and I’m looking to get more of a cafe racer look for it. I really like the way the Bolt C- Spec Handlebars look but I can’t find them anywhere, and there’s almost nowhere with the style handlebar I’m looking for. I looked into clip on handlebars and they look pretty much like what I’m after but I’m just wondering if anyone’s ever tried them on their bike. I was looking to get a woodcraft clip on.

any help, suggestions would be appreciated
Thank you!
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It's not a popular mod so you cant find much on it.
Aftermarket clip ons that fit the fork tubes should work, some are even adjustable.
I like my lower and further ahead than stock bars(stock dr650 bars) but wouldnt want them any lower.
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