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Consolidated ECU Programming Options Thread

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Moderators, does this flavor of forum support sticky threads?

It would be great if there was 1 thread to compare and share experiences for ECU/ECM mods/flashes/etc, and not to have to rely on searches.

So what options are there? There are flash services for the OE ECU, add on boxes for the ECU/FI, and replacement ECU/EMC that do both, fuel and ignition, correct? Or did I miss something?

Correct any info as required:

EJK - Add-on, Fuel Only, Retains O2 functionality

DynoJet Power Commander V - Replacement?, Fuel, IGN, several options included 2 diff O2 options

IVAN - Flash OE unit, predetermined fixed maps

V&H FuelPak FP3 - Flashing unit, allows infinite flashes/programing to one 'married' ECU.

Cobra Fi200R - Add-on, fuel only, OE O2 retained

Any others I missed?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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