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Under the seat there are two small bolts that hold a plastic shield in place. On my bike, both bolts were put in cross-threaded. One snapped off and left the cross-threaded bolt stuck in the hole. The other one just spun in the hole when I tried to unscrew it.

I got the one with a head still on it out, and then ran a tap through the hole and put a new bolt in place. The plate stays in place, but I'm kinda cheesed that my brand new 0-mile bike has a broken-off bolt in there. I think of it all the time now. I would never do something like that to my bike, and it bothers me that some future owner might see that and think it was my fault!

Problem is there is a frame cross member in the way of drilling that bolt out, and the bolt material is so soft that I'm pretty sure dremeling a slot in the top is not going to be all that effective. (I do plan to try though). The million dollar question is, do I take it back to the dealership and complain and make them fix it? I fear I'll be out of a bike for a long time, and they'll probably let another ham-fisted ass-tard work on the bike again.


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