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Dimitrios New member from Greece, owner of 4 Yamaha SCR :-)

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Hi guys, I'm Dimitrios based in Kalamata (south of Greece)
I started to buy my first SCR950 3 years ago, then I bough another one and another one ...
and started a moto tour business only with yahamas SCR 950!

What about the community, where are you mostly from ?

In any case if you pass by pay me a visit!

See you

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Welcome, Dimitrios. I'm in the United States, in Washington State, near the Canadian Border. What a great business idea! Looks like you left the bikes mostly stock?
haha not really
check out the 2 that I have in the office right now (Myra the black one and Carla the red)
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Dimitrios, Welcome from Minneapolis, Minnesota here in the United States 🇺🇸! I love your business model! When I win the lottery, I will contact you for a tour, heck, I might even invite a few forum members along! Take care and good luck with your venture! Jevers
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