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EJK fuel controller installed and just got back from a test ride :
No K&N intake yet - just stock airbox and Vance and Hines exhaust.

Took the tank off - Every thing unplugged and went back together just like it should- wiring is clean and loomed- disconnected my O2 sensor.

Will now buy the 18mm O2 plug and remove sensor completely.

O2 Oxygen Sensor Plug Standard M18 x 1.5 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LDS0YRQ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_uh3zCbK4CTDGB

Fired right up - Noticeable exhaust note difference - the hollow barky sound down was now a mellow V-Twin Burble.

She runs fat now - you can smell it. Reminds me of my old Harley.

-No more choppy throttle at low speed. At low speed the throttle previously had a on/off surge that made cornering interesting . Forced you to clutch it or rev it to avoid the sudden chop - all that is gone now.

No more exhaust backfires from leaning out -I can run it up to 6k RPM and chop the throttle - she just decelerates -no popping ...just a nice steady compression growl and exhaust notes. Same with hard throttle on/off - no pop or backfire.

Power / Torque is linear across the powerband in all gears. Throttle response is crisp and instant.

Hard accelerations off the line is smooth as are
the roll on WOT shifts now. Before their were drastic surges when you hot rodded it through the gears.

Will update when K&N intake is installed - K&N claims 7 horsepowers -


Definitely a huge improvement over stock fuel management- highly recommended. Stock system is definitely lean for the EPA.

92 octane non ethanol fuel
Vance & Hines Competition 2 into 1 Slip on
EJK fuel controller - settings out of the box
6200ft elevation
50f / 30% humidity


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EJK controller from Dobeck Performance Build Update

Stage One Build update:

What to do on a snowy blizzardy Saturday afternoon.... internet bench racing what else!!
Now remember the guy who invented and built my new Fuel Tuner invented the Dynometer.
He believes in two performance numbers:
1. Dyno numbers are scientific based parameters under ideal controlled conditions
2. Real world tunes based on philosophy of making power that includes altitude/ Heat / etc..

...Been looking at some dyno runs from different performance bike shops building Yamaha Bolts with various Stage 1 Bolt ons....since the driveline for the Yamaha Bolt XV950 has been around since 2014 there is a lot of data available:

The link below shows dyno runs with various components.


Factory exhaust /stock airbox with factory paper filter and stock Fuel maps= 49HP at the wheel

Vance and Hines:
The Vance and Hines two into one performance slip on with stock airbox with factory paper filter and stock Fuel maps.(+4/5HP)image6.gif


Funny thing is V&H slip on is out performing full custom exhaust systems on the dyno

The K&N Intake and filter with stock exhaust / airbox with factory paper filter / stock Fuel maps and factory exhaust makes 7HP

“On the dyno ....produced an estimated additional 7.14 horsepower at 5,313 RPM and an equally beneficial 4.81 lb-ft of torque at 4,581 RPM”


Simply adding a fuel tuner to a stock Bolt with factory airbox and exhaust adds 4HP.
By removing the O2 sensor and running an open loop allows the bike to fuel under load and ignition curves to advance.
Vance & Hines Exhaust =4HP
K&N intake / filter = 7HP
Fuel Tuner = 4HP
That’s about a bump of +15HP over stock!

I have removed approximately 30lbs of weight off the bike : rear under fender metal / stock exhaust the size of a water heater / tail light mounts etc ...
Stock the bikes weigh 547lbs / 49HP =.089hp per pound

So I am at approx 517lbs / 60-65HP
=.116hp per pound

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Are those Vance & Hines mufflers still available? If not, any alternatives?

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Yeah, I heard they are in the process of moving the plant, and many suppliers list that part as 'not available'.

Anyone use the V&H FuelPak? Was hoping to find an ECU that uses the O2...

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