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Hello SCR forums

I bought myself a SCR a few months ago now and have been putting plenty of miles and a few modifications on it.

One of these is the Koso speedometer of which one of the settings gives me a temperature reading. I believe this is from the cylinder heads, not 100% sure on this.

Recently I've been stuck on traffic a few times and the temperature reading has exceeded 150°C once or twice even reaching 167°C.

It's my first big bike yet I mean to keep it a long time and intend to look after it properly, this being said when the temperatures get as high as this I get a little anxious, sometimes turning the engine off at red lights although I'm not entirely sure if this is better or worse for the engine comsidering heat cycles.

Could someone with more mechanical experience please explain to me how damaging these temperatures are, how high the temperatures can get without damage and what the best course of action is for prolonging engine life besides letting it heat up before riding.

Any advice and assistance is greatly appreciated!

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A-up, and welcome.

Whereabouts are you?

Yep, they can get pretty hot, can air cooled engines, esp. in standing traffic. Been up to 150C-odd on my Koso myself.

Do you ever go on the Bolt forum? It’s been discussed a number of times over there (considerably more users, as there’s considerably more Bolts about - XV950 over here). For example:

You’ll also find info on these re where the reading is taken from etc. What I don’t think anyone has determined is what the maximum permitted temperature is. Not sure anyone even knows (outside the factory). What I console myself with is the fact people ride these bikes in much hotter countries than ours, and overheating doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Having said that, have you checked your oil level recently ?! :ROFLMAO: Then again, the Koso is pretty keen on low oil level, so you’re probably OK there.


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