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Etsy intake

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Hey everyone,

Anyone seen this or tried it out?

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I have not seen this before on this forum. Just make sure that it seals completely so you don't damage your engine by ingesting dust. I have seen first hand the damage caused by a cheap air filter that didn't seal completely. Sure, the customer saved a few dollars on the air filter but ended up destroying his engine! You get what you pay for. Good luck 馃憤. Jevers
As a avid hobby machinist and printer, I can tell you that I am concerned about putting a printed part in that spot. I have a thread on here where I simply covered a Vance Hines intake with 3D printed plate and it melted last summer. That piece was under no stress, further isolated from heat and I used high temp PLA. They used TPU with is resistant to 80C (176F) while what I used was rated to resist 73C (165F). As well, TPU is very flexible and pliable like nylon. Not what I would have used on that part. The bolt point will bow in and become loose through the heat cycles.
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