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I've had my SCR for two weeks now 馃檪 I've never been one to go in for serious mods on any bike I've bought as I generally like the way they've been put together by the manufacturer. In particular, I've never gone for what one may term as 'bling' 馃槃, but I have added various useful extras such as chain oilers, engine bars and the like.
Been thinking about the SCR, and I do like the flat track look some of them have been given, including the hump-tailed Corbin seat and a tidied-up rear end. All in good time.
In the meantime, I've ordered a set of OEM engine bars and a skid plate. They're still available, but have to come all the way from Japan.... at least that's what Fowlers of Bristol say, and I guess they would know being probably the premier Yam spares dealer in UK (and I have found them to give excellent advice and service in the past).
Life in the slow lane is looking good!
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