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Okay, I'm jumping off topic a bit, but there is a VIN-related part to the story.

I rode 3+ hours from Columbus, GA up to Leeds, AL (outside of Birmingham) Thursday afternoon to the Barber Motorsports Museum. I was a guest of Scot Tway and Twin Cities Yamaha for a Yamaha/Barber VIP event aptly named Night At The Museum. Arguably the nicest collection of motorcycles in the world, the place is a sight to behold.
Was there all of 5 minutes when I asked a fellow for directions and it turned out to be famous moto journalist and author Peter Egan.
He's a super nice, really down to earth guy. I talked with him for a few minutes before running into Mr. George Barber himself outside.
Throw in seeing millions of dollars worth of motorcycles and cars + meeting racers Colin Edwards and Jamie James and I had a BLAST!

Now for the VIN part. I asked the head Yamaha guy from the museum about low numbers and he said they typically do destroy the first hundred or so.
That said, Yamaha R1M number A000001 was donated to the museum tonight along with a cutaway R1M. Both were cool as heck!
I explained I have number 00035 and he had to ponder that for a moment before concluding mine's #35 of the USA-bound bikes and likely not the 35th one ever made.
It's still cool to have a low #, though.

The long ride home was uneventful, which is a good thing. I left around 10:45pm didn't get in until after 2am.


1 - 20 of 79 Posts
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