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For sale enduro footpegs, pannier brackets custom made, touratech waterproof panniers

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Hi long time no see have sold the rapid red low miles SCR950 at a disappointing low price, but life goes on.

I have some leftovers:

1. Enduro Footpegs, paid $100, want $70 shipping inclusive, almost no use.

2. Custom made rear pannier brackets, they are nice, small unobtrusive and DO THE JOB. I published them here a while ago, want $70 shipping inclusive, cost $120 + tooling.

3. Touratech Moto Waterproof Saddlebags, the best bags I ever had, very little use, total game changer, look like new, cost $300 sell for $200, postage inclusive.

4. Battery negative on off switch specifically designed for motorcycles, it is small and well done, battery saver, great inexpensive anti-theft, cost $15 sell for $15 postage included.

5. Also have a Fieldsheer Mesh Jacket with elbow and shoulder protectors, very little use size is a Dainese 38, fits tight fits great, will let go for $50 + postage.

My pics are too big but happy to send to interested parties, PM me.

More things to come!

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have sold the rapid red low miles SCR950 at a disappointing low price
Sorry to hear you took a hit on your resale. I see several come up for sale but never really know what they end up going for.

I paid $6,600 for mine when new, total cost, out the door. For our own knowledge, would you be willing to give us a clue on what we can expect to lose? Did you lose 30%? 40%?

I fully understand if you don't want to share your misfortune.
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