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Stainless steel Supertrapp exhaust with 20 plates, as seen above. Sold the bike, and would like to recoup some cash for the exhaust. The muffler and midpipe have turned colors a bit and could use some polish, but everything is 100% solid and uncrashed. It sounds much like the stock muffler, but deeper and more bassy. It's maybe a little bit louder, but most of it is bass. No snarl, no high pitched tinnyness, just a low, deep note that I find pleasant. And I am NOT one who likes loud exhaust.

  • Stainless Steel Supertrapp S/C Elite muffler (quiet core)
  • Custom-made Mandrel-Bent Stainless Steel Midpipe with O2 sensor bung
  • Two Stainless Steel T-clamps
  • 20 discs plus extra-long screws
  • Chrome end cap (quiet version, and forest-service approved spark arrestor).
  • Strap shown on muffler
  • Mount that attaches strap to footpeg mount.
Not included:
  • The right rear footpeg mount must be removed, and an M14 nut welded on the back. If you send me your footpeg mount I'll weld one on for free. It will not effect the paint on the visible side if I'm careful.

I'm asking $300 plus shipping from 27713.

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