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Fuel Gauge

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I reproduce this idea from the Bolt forum where some folks were complaining about the lack of a fuel gauge. The simple idea is to reset a Trip Meter (I use #1) to zero at each complete fill up. Then here's the trip mileage readout based on a 3.4 US gal fuel tank, economy of 51 mpg and the warning light coming on with 0.74 US gal remaining:

Miles Fuel

Naturally, your mileage may vary....
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So I would presume this is figured with your "average riding style" opposed to balls to the wall ?
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As tempting as it is to go balls to the wall on the scr950, I assume most of us is an average rider with some light speeding on the freeways. Best to not let it get under 1/4 of a tank if possible, just for a peace of mind.
I consistently Cruz at 80 on freeways and hit reserve at about 120 miles regularly
Hm.. so 16 miles off of what OP tested. @Rokrover any insight on what the parameters/variables were endured during your testing ??
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