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Handlebar Help!

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Unfortunately, my bike went down two weeks ago :(
Father was insistent on taking it out to see an alert I was taking about after *several* glasses of wine, and fell over as soon as he got his feet up.

Luckily the damage to the bike is super minimal. Brake lever and pedal got bent and now it seems to brake a bit harder than it used to... But oh well. The biggest problem is the handlebars got out of whack. One side is all the way at the bottom of the circular section and the other side at the top.

My question is how easy is it to get these back to aligned? Should I take a stab at it myself or is there a risk of messing it up further?

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It's actually really easy. I've dropped my bike a couple of times and fortunately the handlebars can be wrestled back into place:

1. Keep the motorcycle on its kickstand and have a seat
2. Just using your hands and arm strength, torque the handlebars in the direction they need to be adjusted, using the bike's radial max as leverage.
IE, if the right side is bent far in, push the handlebars as if you're making a left turn all the way over to the left and give the handlebars a few solid jerks/punches with your wrist.

That's all I needed to do. No wrenching needed. In fact, don't wrench since it'll probably be more of a time sink than anything and you can achieve re-alignment by putting your shoulder into it.

Best of luck!
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I just put new bars and grips on for $40 bucks.
Much less hassle than trying to bend them back.
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