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Handlebar Swap

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Hey all!

I was wondering what bars, risers, etc people have been swapping out too.

I love the look of going to a 1 1/8 fat bar. Has anyone done this? What risers and bar combo did you go with? Was it a staright bolt on swap?

I'm not looking to deviate very far from the original bar bend, height, etc but any feedback is appreciated. I'm hoping to keep cable, wire changing and to much modding to a minimum of possible.

Appreciate all the info you guys give! Thx
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I had Renthal Ultra Lows on mine, which made riding a better experience for me. However, I've put Renthal Medium on now because I tried fitting some mirrors on but couldn't achieve the right angle but keeping them on...both are better than the standard bars in my opinion... first pic Ultra Lows and second pic from rear are Medium


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Not that anyone is interested in this type of swap - and I am shocked I gave up my favorite part of the bike - However I am holding on to the 33" wide handle bar and can swap back if I felt like it or do a fat bar swap if I felt like that - anyway here it is.
Original C spec parts. Had to drill a couple holes in the tubes for locator pins.
26" wide, and racer tuck forward/down. Its 6" narrower, 4" forward, 4" down. And I fit the C spec seat on it and it will truly be 100% C spec with the tank of the SCR. Essentially only R spec part on it now is the seat.
Biggest problem was the cables and wires were far far too long.
The brake line had to be rerouted to go over the headlight. If I bought a galfer or something it may be better, the clutch cable had to be routed on the right side of the frame and neck, over the headlight and across to the clutch perch.
There is still a spaghetti of wires barely restrained by zip ties - a C spec wire bracket may help sort this a little.
Turn signal bracket from the C spec and T/S may have helped, but they work fine clamped to the forks, and they were mounted to the under side of the Triple with a spacer sleeve, but the clip on's get in the way of that.
Biggest problem with this swap - in slow speed in my gravel driveway, its a lot harder to muscle it around. The advantage is - the racer tuck is very very comfortable, I am not moving around as much on the bike, cos in a 120 mile run yesterday I never got my jewels in the ball gap - and that's an achievement.


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I was PM'ing my counter on the bolt forum (the guy who's getting my SCR triple + from whom I got the C spec parts - )

I thought these parts would work on the SCR triple to do similar to what he did (using R spec stuff but he had issues there) - that's why the SCR triple for C spec trade


and -


I have no experience with that - just from emailing him and some basic research.

Now I bought these -


Also available in a higher rise - and maybe even a few different ones for rise/angle.
I was gonna put long 7/8th tubes in them - to be as wide as the stock SCR stance almost - but not got to it yet cos to lower the bike - I nee a proper front end stand, and to raise it back up if its a disaster - I need a sling/picker. Neither of which I have at the moment. Besides, the lowering of the FE isn't appealing to me.

I like those renthal mediums, I miss my high bars sometimes, but it's amazing how much more willing the bike is to turn into a hard corner with lower bars.
I like those renthal mediums, I miss my high bars sometimes, but it's amazing how much more willing the bike is to turn into a hard corner with lower bars.

I've seen high and wide bars meant for dirt bikes - I doubt the 33" width of the stock SCR is ever going to "turn up" for a dirt bike on an ebay listing, but I see plenty that are 77 cm+ wide, so closer to 30-31" but I see those higher rise ones - That way you can keep the 1 1/8th risers and have another bar option.
Yea the low bars - I have pretty much gone to the C spec and turn in's are great, except I am out turning my tires on occasion too many times.
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