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Hello from Northern Virginia

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Hi everyone. I've been riding the SCR950 for 6 months now (7500 miles). The main reason I joined the forum is to let people know about my wipe out 2 days ago. Just when I thought it wouldn't happen to me I found myself laying on the pavement with the bike on top of me. I'm totally fine and only a few minor parts broken on the bike. I'm going to search the forum and see if there is a better area to post a description of what happened and explain the damages.
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Welcome to the forum Joaquin!! I read about your wipeout in my post about my wipout! Yea the last thing I ever expected to do was lay down my scr.
Funny thing was, as I was going down... all I could think was.... Man!!! Im going to ruin my SCR!!! lol I was picturing the side all dented an scratched.
Hardly any damage. As you prob read..... mine went down on the right and some how I landed on top of it.
Didnt realize my chest got bruised until 2 days later. I too wear all the gear. I know how you feel. Its a bummer but a solid wake up call too!
I still need to replace my brake handle.


Or as sometime known...

Jellorider.. !!! lol lol

Welcome and keep safe.
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Thats a lot of miles for 6 months!
Ive got a little under 2000 in a little over a year.
Oh ****, so glad to know you're okay. One **** of an introduction, too. Welcome to the forum and hope your SCR is up and running again soon.
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