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Hi everyone! Just a quick post to say "hi" - I'm picking my SCR950 up this week and pretty excited about it.

I've been frequently scouring the forum for the last 18months or so (unregistered) while I waited for the right time to make the purchase. Been really excited to sell my current bike and get the Yam - hopeful to be active here when I finally pick it up and start riding it.


Just a little about me - been riding dirt bikes since my old man taught me how when I was 10yo. Now I'm 29 and still ride with my Dad, he's on a 1978 Kawasaki z650b and I'm just getting of my 2008 Suzuki GS500.

Had the GS500 for the last 7 years - my primary transport. Never enjoyed commuting in the car, so I've rode all year around whatever the weather on the GS500 and it's never let me down.

Never had the heart to get rid of it because it's been so reliable, but for a long time I've not been inspired to ride it for fun. Always for purpose, never for pleasure.

Now I work from home (a result of COVID), I only ride for pleasure, so it's the right time for me to say goodbye to the Suzuki and get the Yam I've been fancying for nearly 2 years.

Always liked the aesthetic of 1960s/70s dirt bikes, but wanting modern reliability means the SCR950 fits the bill for me.

Hope to get to know the other owners here in due course.


Thanks for reading! Catch you all soon.
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