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Hello guys

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Hey guys, been reading up here a while but just now joined. I bought my SCR in St. Louis and rode it home to Evansville, IN in early December.

It's my first bike, and I've never rode one before I went to go pick it up. I'm happy as **** now, and I really appreciate all the information you guys have posted. This forum and your guys opinions are what sold me on that specific model. I also knew that I would have this group to work with if I ended up with it.

It was bone stock when I got her, but the image attached is what I have after some tinkering.


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Congrats on your first motorcycle! The SCR950 was my first as well, but I have to commend you for taking it from St. Louis to Evansville in December. That must have been a chilly ride!

The blue tank and rear fender looks awesome, and I would highly recommend replacing the stock foot pegs with some adventure pegs. I linked to an Amazon listing and they're currently out of stock, but thought it would help to point you in the right direction. It looks like my bags are hanging nicely on your new ride ;)

Welcome to the tribe, friend!
I had the lady follow me in the case of an emergency, I also packed spare clothes in her car to keep dry. It took us six hours to make an almost three hour drive...

Hello Krix, I've read a lot of your posts and you've been really helpful.

You made those bags huh? Very nice. Maybe you can sell me some remnants so I can make a matching tool bag.

On a serious note, well done on the business transaction. I had them not long after I ordered them and I'm very happy with the quality. Enjoy the $400, hahahaha.
Glad you like the bags, and my posts! Sadly I don't have remnant leather to sell you that would be of any use. Little known fact, most leather comes in "caucasian" color and is dyed whatever hue you desire once you cut your pieces.

That said, I sell a forkbag that matches, relatively, and can easily carry whatever tools you want. I'd be happy to make a black/brown one for you if you'd prefer, with either an antique-styled fish lock or padlock.

Anyway, good call on packing extra clothes on your trek. I'll say it again, I commend you for making the run!
Krix made me a one off custom cross bar bag that I use the most. He even added a belt loop that allows me to clip my phone case to the bag same as you would if you clipped it to your belt. Easily viewed while using my GPS.

Edit: Here we go with upside down photos again....


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