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Honda CL500 - looks like Honda stole from Yamaha's playbook

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The new CL500 scrambler is based on the Rebel 500 cruiser with a new subframe - just like the SCR is based on the Bolt with a new subframe. I'd argue that Honda seems to have done a better job making it more dirt-worthy with a much longer 5.7" rear suspension travel, but it looks nothing like the old Honda CLs of the 60s and 70s and doesn't look nearly as cool as the SCR.

I was almost going to hold out for this but I'm glad I didn't as I'm pretty disappointed by the aesthetic of it. It's Honda so I'm sure they'll sell a ton of them but it's just not what it could have been.

Here's an article
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It would be okay as a second bike, but I already have one: the KTM 390 Duke I had when I bought the 950. I'm thinking of a third one to use as a real local runaround: Suzuki VanVan 200. They are still available in Thailand.
You are spot on, just a rear frame attachment on a Rebel. Interesting look. Not the classic look I am going for though.
You are spot on, just a rear frame attachment on a Rebel. Interesting look. Not the classic look I am going for though.
Yeah, if it's a Honda CL, I want high pipes all the way back - like the Triumph. I don't understand Honda, they could knock a modern classic out of the park but they just don't seem to want to build one. Even the CB1100 doesn't really look the part. And the CL500 makes the same power as the old CB450 from 50 years ago.
I think it's mostly a costs issue. I don't think the scrambler/tracker/classic market is that big. I know I'm the only one running around in my area and SCRs are dirt cheap.
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I sat on this Honda at Motorcycle Live yesterday. Pretty cheap and unimpressive looking TBH.

On the other hand, anyone seen the new, just-announced Fantic Caballero 700…..?

I’d missed in the biking news that Yamaha now have a formal working relationship with Fantic, and their first formal collaboration is this…..

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Basically, where Fantic had previously been using 500cc China-sourced lumps, the new Caballero now has the MT07/XSR700 (FZ07?) lump in it!!!

A lovely, Scrambler-styled, Italian-built bike, with the stonking Yamaha CP2 700cc mill in it?! Count me interested!!

As an amusing aside - got speaking to one of the guys on the stand, and they originally had 2 prototypes - the above, and a blue one (Google it). Unfortunately, the truck it was sat in at the EICMA show was stolen! So, someone, somewhere in Europe, has a prototype 700 Fantic they can’t dispose of!!:ROFLMAO:

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One of the reasons the SCR950 didnt sell in canada was the price.
It was 10500, that will get you an adventure bike with more power.
The only scramblers that sell are either cheap or fast as heck, the new honda scrambler is cheap, it'll sell alright.
You are spot on, just a rear frame attachment on a Rebel. Interesting look. Not the classic look I am going for though.
When you see the CL500 and Rebel 500 in the same caption, you notice more differences. It isn't a Rebel with a different rear end. The tank doesn't slope as much as the Rebel's for one thing.
That Fantic looks great but I don't understand the pricing claim of competing with Ducati. Why would people choose this over a well known and desired brand?
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