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I'm noticing that there isn't a lot of action on this site. I know there aren't that many SCR950 owners out there, and fewer still on this forum, but I have an idea on how to drive up post counts. More posts, more information out there, means more google indexes and more traffic for the forum.

So, go sign up at forum.multitool.org, then under your profile click "Awards" and then "Show Available Awards". There are all sorts of activities you can do to receiver awards. Easy stuff like "Zip Tie User" (show a pic with how you use zip ties), "Mod User" (show a pic of a modded multitool that you use every day), "Hacker" (Post a step-by-step tutorial showing how to mod a multitool), etc. But also harder stuff like 7-day and 30-day challenges, collections, and all sorts of stuff. When a user makes a qualifying post, he copies the link, clicks the button next to the available award, and then an admin reviews it and grants it.

It's a really, REALLY effective way to drive up forum use, which will in turn drive up traffic, and also advertising revenue.

Just a thought...



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i like your idea. multitool and scr950 run under different forum softwares though so we won't be able to import that plugin but there are options to give 'rewards' to members with increasing post counts.

they're things like new title badges and more PM space for more active members.

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