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I don't get it....
We had the most users ever online at 2,379 earlier this month, but yet we have only 472 members. We need new blood. Join the forum. Share your stories. Ask some questions. Post some photos.
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the rarity of the bike is what causes the lack of posts...
great thing is that the majority of the people who fell in love with this bike and ended up buying it, are experienced riders .. who know how to do different mods...

I'm in other KLR650 forums that literally have new posts and replies every few minutes...

I do agree that we don't have enough posts here... sometimes for weeks ... !
Being an amateur I wish I could do more, but maybe I can provide some news once I get a major tune-up done early next year.

Anyways, my SCR is somewhere around 26k miles, with 15k on the Michelin Pilot Activ tires and still going strong.

However, Florida weather is dropping and so I'm thankful for my car on mornings when I don't feel like doing a 40min ride at 40°F.
I haven't been on here in a while since the weather turned cold and snowy early in the windy city last month. Plus, leather sales have slowed with the season so I picked up wine-making as another hobby which has kept me preoccupied.

That said, I can't wait for next spring! I'm planning on doing my first tire change to the Michelin Anake III's, and will likely get a bigger windscreen. If riding through rural areas and between farm fields has taught me anything this past season, it's that I need to be able to deflect more insects so my helmet stays cleaner. Getting smacked in the visor with giant red and green splatters while traveling 65-75mph is like an extreme version of paintball. Not exactly my cup of tea lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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