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Losing weight

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I have a possibility of buying an SCR in Thailand very cheap. However I think it's way too heavy and, anyway, I'd want to customise it as Thailand is the cheapest place in the world to get such work done. And they're good at it.

I would be planning on replacing the full exhaust system [any suggestions with what?]; the wheels with lightweight cast ones, front 19'', rear 18'', such as on the Indian FTR1200; the handlebars with fat flat track bars on risers; the front mudguard with a motorcross-style high one; the clock with a digital one with an analogue rev counter sweeping around the edge. I think I'd leave the rear end as it was, apart from fitting a tail tidy. Obviously, only the first two modifications would save much weight. How much weight do people think this would save?
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I think if I was trying to minimize the weight of my SCR, the front mudguard and rear fender would be a relatively easy place to start. You might get a pretty good savings from the exhaust swap, depending on what new system to throw on there.

Maybe you could get some additional weight savings out of changing the airbox. You could also lose the long seat and subframe and replace them with the seat for a Bolt. It probably wouldn't do much, but you could also swap out the reservoir shocks with non-reservoir. Other than that, the only street-legal thing I can think of is to swap the lights with LED modules.

If you were making a track bike and street-legality was not a concern, you could start doing crazy stuff like ditching the lights altogether and one of the brakes.
Thanks, jobirobi. Have you any idea what the entire stock exhaust system weighs?
Thanks, jobirobi. Have you any idea what the entire stock exhaust system weighs?
I think your greatest loss in weight would definitely be an exhaust swap, especially if you went with some short pipes. After that, all the mass that counts sits in the v-twin and there isn't much you can do about that. But you might be able to shave off 5-10 extra pounds if you strip off some of the unnecessary plastic, fairings, fenders, housings, etc. I remember the rear fender was a little heavier than expected when I did my tail delete so there might be some value in removing it, so long as you're ok with getting your back wet if you ride through a puddle.

To answer your question above, the stock headpipe is 10.5 lbs, and the canister is 19.5 lbs. If you found an exhaust that was half this total weight a shedding of 15 lbs would be a game changer for sure. I won't lie, our SCR's are pretty heavy with a high center of gravity. But, I love being higher up so I take the good with the bad.
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