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Made my First MOD

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Ordered a Corbin seat for mine. I will post the real picture with it on when it arrives. Black carbon fiber seat with white stitching, tail Black carbon fiber, welt Tomato red, sides Tomato red, logo light silver.


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Tomeato eh …
You should drive the bike over a couple of tomatoes when you first get it home LOL.

NO kidding … In India we do that exact same thing - but we use lemons.
In fact I am kicking myself for not carrying a couple of lemons with me to the dealer when I bought the bike.

And a car = 4 lemons.

Tomato......Right!....I know. It was really the only color red that matched the red on the Bike. It was actually a little more pricey than I would have liked.
At the end of my purchase it said ....Order Total $393.00
When I looked at my recent activity on my card....the Bill said $455.00
Guess shipping and Tax mounted up the other $62.....SMH
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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