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Hey guys!

Happy to be part of this forum and also an owner of a used 1800mile, SCR950. As I was shopping around, the Del Amo here had these new bikes for $5K out of the dealer. Unfortunately, because of my credit, I was not able to get a brand new one.

But! They were able to put me on a Lease Agreement using their Fuel Capital leasing company. I am paying 250+ for 48 months. Which totals out to double of what the bike retails for. Aftermarket parts were on the bike already, new bar, grips, ASV Levers, Kuryakyn Hypercharger, and a Vance and Hines exhaust.

Sadly, I feel like I have screwed myself by signing this deal. But this is my first operational bike and it will for sure help with building my credit.

My other bike is a project '82 XJ650. From stock to Cafe, but I guess I have given up on getting it to run because of **** CV carbs...

For those with more experience in adulting and personal finance. What do you think? What should I do next?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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