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Being on my "not going to Greece again!, this year" holiday, I was in the shed , and went through my old photo albums... turns out I have loads of pictures of my mates'
bikes but very few of my own...and a fair few of Kent Custom Show from 8 to 13.

Anyhoo...1979: no.1 the bike I learnt on - Honda CB175 , rain & snow, crashed, rebuilt, repeat
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Automotive fuel system

Note subtle matt black hammerite paint scheme

Then I passed my test & bought a brand new CX500 in 1981

I love ugly bikes, but the CX was really comfortable, and I toured England and Scotland on it, then rain & snow, crashed, rebuilt, repeat

Again note the subtle paint scheme, plus the Stuart Aerodynamic fairing, hours of amusement for small children.
Finally managed put the front wheel through the radiator, and moved on to....


a very well used Honda GL1000, the worlds fastest sofa. Snapped the cam belt 2 months after getting it, repaired it, then had a 70MPH straight line skid, of alarming length,
when it threw a piston om the M2 motorway. Found another GL lump and replaced the engine

Then after further electrical problems I px'd it and the corpse of the poor CX for....

a second hand yam XJ900, again another shafty tourer, toured France a couple of times, the second time being a set up. a good allrounder but bland.
Supposed to be a mate on his Katana , and ten others heading down to the Vendee. Come the day its him and his girlfriend, and his girlfriends BFF, could she ride pillion with me?
Oh well it was only a holiday romance, so 25 years later ...
Then life, houses, redundancy happened, the XJ was partially hammerited ,but never finished, until it just sort of faded away, being scrapped when the petrol tank rusted through about 2001.

So now the SCR, well it starts off black so hopefully it won't have to be hammerited!
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