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*Not* A Center Stand

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So, I'm trying to think of idea for carrying around a "not center stand". Meaning, somewhere in the middle of nowhere I need to change a tire. Right now there is no easy way of doing that, shy of laying the bike on its side. Or carrying around some type of jack and a plate.

I know some ADV riders carry around an extension-thing that when used with the side stand, creates a tri-pod mechanism. Back in my "Star Days", I made a wooden lift, but that's too bulky to schlep around.

So ... what would you carry around to do road side repairs requiring a tire to be off the ground?
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While the snapjack says it isn't for the front tire, folks still use it for that - you just put it up under the front of the frame. Not sure about the low clearance of our bikes, though, so that may not work. Theoretically, if all one wanted to do was achieve the tripod effect for the front or the back, then one of those small hydraulic bottle jacks would work, depending on your luggage setup. Heavy, but small enough to fit in a saddlebag.You would have to figure out how to make sure it didn't slip as the bike came up, but it is an option.
So ... what would you carry around to do road side repairs requiring a tire to be off the ground?
It seems I've always been able to make emergency repairs with any one of these tools.


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It seems I've always been able to make emergency repairs with any one of these tools.
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Back when I was riding dual sports, I carried around three short pipes that threaded together to use as a tripod. I also carried EVERYTHING else needed to repair a tube on the side of the trail/road.
It's a **** ton of gear to haul around and you're probably gonna spend an hour or two fixing that flat. This was a must have when I was riding fire roads in the Rockies, but not so in the urban areas. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish this bike had tubeless tires. Then, all you have to carry is a small plug kit and small compressor. No tire irons, tripod, tubes, patches AND, best of all, you don't have to take the wheel off the bike!
Maybe throw a set of Bolt mags on? Eeeeeeeesh! I think I will live with taking a chance with my spokes, tubed wheels. Form over function! Jevers
Personally I wouldn’t want to add any more weight to one of these bikes than I’d have to.
I once changed a tire using 550 para cord and hanging my bike from a tree...
So, im sure there’s options. That was a significantly lighter bike. Haha Maybe a rachet strap would do it..
Usually you can lean a bike against the kick stand hard enough to lift one of the tires.

I made a triangle stand out of a few sections of recycled bed frame steel, like a 10” wide prism, that you basically run over and the way the frame tubes are on the scr it jams the long leg of the triangle under the frame and cams the front leg down. Raising the front tire about 1/3 of an inch.
I just wanted an sturdy stand that held the bike level in the shop.
Way to heavy to carry.
I post some pictures next time I see it.
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Here’s what I was talking about.
You basically run it over and the long leg gets pushed over with the slope of the front frame tubes, pivots over that right angle and cams the short leg over right about at the front bolt for the whole peg/shifter deal.
This was just a pretty simple proof of concept. It could obviously be much more effective.
It dosnt like to work on smooth surfaces very well.
And it’s about 3” wider than the front frame tubes.

Yeah when I first brought the bike home I was not happy about how far it tips over on the kick stand. It takes up a lot of room in the shop.
I eventually made a knock off pit stand for it that seems to work well. Really it was more an excuse to weld than a stand. Haha


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