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Haven't posted for a while ( bike rebuild/holidays and stuff!!!) so here is a miscellany of Sept and Oct so far
Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

On holiday in Ithaka (home of Odysseus) Greece, roads with more hairpins than Chers wig, its either up , or its down .... mostly scooters , but the occasional Nice thing...
oh , and don't drop your watermelon., you don't know who will regard it as a killing field....
Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Groundcover Flowering plant

Back home and get out the SCR before it forgets how to run...
Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Fuel tank

and down to the Torque Cafe in somewhere in the wilds near Horsham, more car petrolhead than bikes , but some nice things.....
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Blue

Then up to Newlands Corner & Box Hill ( this is the best of the 2 Sundays) ( except for the serious unreality issues of the last photo.....)
Tire Wheel Trousers Jeans Plant
Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Tire Wheel Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

OK ... from the sublime to.... ( brace yourself.....) an Electric HARLEY!!!!!!!😱
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle
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That XS in Kenny Roberts colours is lovely!!
And, I’ve yet to see a Livewire in the wild myself……would love to have a go on one, tho (y)

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