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Been lurking on the forum since i got my 950 out of Del Amo in Santa Ana & just recently made my profile, for the most part i see folks enjoying their SCR’s, as i am too. Even better i got it new for 6k out the door after fees & stuff. My first cruiser ever owned & my first year anniversary of riding this February. Started on a Yamaha R3 which was perfectly made for the canyons & since then fell in love with Yamaha performance & reliability. When i saw this 950 on cycle world mag i just knew i had to have it someday. & so far it seems like 2017 was the only year they made it so im keeping it forever. Already installed the adventure foot pegs, skid plate, & mickey moused black tactical bags on the subframe, looks awesome & perfectly suited for my already black SCR. Looking for a new seat like everybody else cause i live in the High Desert CA & encounter alot of gravel, dirt, & bumpy roads. Fortunate to be able to ride all year round in souther CA especially on this neck breaker. So far mine is the only one i seen on the streets of the HD with the exception of Yam Bolts. Old timers always wanna talk about my pony, as it is nostalgic to their era. Took it offroading a couple of times but ive given up cause when that sand starts to get softer than tarmac its just a clumsy growling bear. Got it stuck a couple of times & have ended up in scary spots where clearance just wasnt enough or the weight collapsed it, none of that was my intention & common sense already told me to avoid those areas but sometimes i was just too far into the challenge! Which is fun but scary, definitely dont recomend. In love with the experience & looking forward to making more memories with my SCR & motorcycle peeps!
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