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Possibly the best scr950 review yet

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The scr950 may have been on sale for a while, but I still like reading ride reviews and how much joy other riders can get from riding it. GQ had a chance to ride it in Sardinia and they had a lot to say about it.

My favorite excerpt: But, somehow, all of these criticisms don't really matter when put into context. Sure, the suspension's bad, the brakes need a written warning of your intentions in advance and the dashboard makes a Casio watch from the Eighties seem modern, but precisely none of that matters...In its natural environment, the SCR950 is absolutely perfect.
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Meh, read it. These guys spend a day or two on a bike and come off like the definitive authority. Takes a long time to get to know a motorcycle.
The brakes on the SCR are very good once you know how to use them. Yeah the stock shocks are junk but upgrading them to ones that actually work is a dramatic improvement. I love the speedometer. Listen, they had to cut corners somewhere at the incredibly low pricepoint, and I like where they chose to do so. If youre willing to spend a few bucks the SCR is tranformed into a VERY capable motorcycle. But hey thanks for the link, my interest is always piqued if it's Bolt related.
i think it was more enjoyable to me because of his writing style more than his opinion and in the end, he does admit that the scr950 is lacking in some areas, but it's still perfect to him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.

Though I do read reviews that are predominantly negative with a critical eye and assume Yamaha competitors are giving those journalists some nice incentives.
The only thing I like reading these reviews for are just to see how they write to be honest. Some of them are really good at writing, others are meh to say the least.

If you could find a review where the journalist has had the opportunity to utilize the bike for a few weeks even, that would be a lot more valuable.
I'd like to see someone take the SCR950 on a long road trips; how they strap everything on, finding new waffle houses, shenanigans. Though I don't think there are any luggage racks for the SCR950 yet so it'll be a Diy job.
See now that would be really helpful. Along the way they can note any complaints or positives, etc.

When you're spending that much time on it, you'll definitely be able to get a real good feel of it for darn sure.
The problem with this type of review that you guys want is that most people just want to get on and ride, otherwise we would see far more rider vlogging happening. You have better odds of meeting up with owners and asking them in person, or going on rides with groups, or better yet riding one yourself.
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