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Removed the db Killer of my Akrapovic exhaust

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Hello folks,

For those of you interested. I got an Akrapovic exhaust for my SCR and it looks beautiful... but the sound was a tad less aggressive than I would have liked...

So I saw this video:

The gentleman there removes the db killer but it was not clear to me what was happening after he drilled the holes so I did the same to my akra... and it turns out the threads are already there! When you remove the metal caps, there are small metal bars where the bolts would typically go. Since I was very careful when drilling the metal covers, the small bars (without the round covers) just got pushed inside the exhaust (I hope I do not end up getting rattling noises from those suckers vibrating inside the exhaust). Now I just need to screw new bolts and it will look as good as new.

Drive safe
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