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A couple of my buddies on their Bonnevilles and I rode from LA area up the PCH up to SF and back down over 3.5 days. Since part of PCH is shut down we took a small road through Fort Hunter Liggett just 15 min north of Paso Robles down to the other side of PCH. Wow what a gem of a fire road w amazing views. Highly recommended!

There are some really beautiful areas along the central coast that are best traveled on a bike. At one point we rode along PCH just south of Pismo through a ghost town Guadalupe, CA where an intense smell of strawberries hit you. I then found myself riding alongside a train through farmland area as the passengers were receiving at us, kinda felt like a movie scene.

The SCR950 is more than capable of making the trek and I have to say it was very enjoyable despite some challenges. Oh... and the cold suckssssssss!

- SCR950 can feel a bit unstable north of 85 mph
- knobby tires = death wobble
- a fuel gauge or range indicator is sorely needed
- The seats are a literal PITA but after 2 days of 8+ hrs of riding you get used to it
- I wished we had bigger tank for longer range
- I was able to make it 155 miles (was literally running on fumes to the next station)
- heavy bike in soft dirt is not fun
- heavy bike in SF steep slopes are challenging
- the horn button is in a retarded area not easily reached in an emergencies
- thicker grips would be nice
- good brakes... saved my ass a few times

- The knobby tires do really well on roads littered w gravel where others have to ride really slow
- for some reason it attracts others to give compliments everywhere I go.
- the added weight (luggage) didnt change the way the bike felt much
- the low end torque is great in small tight fire roads
- compliments on the exhaust sound everywhere
- low end throttle response is spectacular
- the weight is a non issue so long you stay above 10-15 mph in dirt. Light dirt ok but dont kid yourself... it's a heavy bike.
- the SCR likes Rotella T5
- best mirrors of any bike in its class, was able to always keep others in view
- shocks could be better but in no way did I find them incapable


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Nice ride, make those memories. I took a few PCH rides up to WSBK and MotoGP when I worked for Honda in SoCal. Best ride up was on a SilverWing, believe it or not. Protected from the elements, fast enough to keep up with most bikes, cruise at 90 on the 5 and CHP ignores you because "it's just a scooter." :) PCH is a wonderful road as long as you don't get stuck behind the RVs.

Do you have a Seat Concepts kit on there?

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Awesome man! Did the PCH a few years ago - must be fantastic to have it on your doorstep. We stayed at Pismo one night. Good pics too, and pleased the SCR was getting kudos (there’s too many Bonnies these days, right?! /forum/images/SCR950Forum/smilies/tango_face_grin.png)

As for your points.....yep, 85+ can be a little hairy. Yes, the stock tires are for the birds. Set your trip every time you refuel. And I agree that the low down engine grunt, and low speed balance, are awesome on these bikes.
Keep living the dream.
Thanks, definitely lucky to have so many riding options around me! The Bonnie's were more stylish and modern imo but something about the scr just kept me coming back. I'll keep riding this thing my until I get more into adventerous overnighters. I'm going to try and do some 1-2 nighters out next time and report back. #livingthedream

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I hear ya. I hope you guys didn't try to go down that stretch of Lombard. You live here long enough, and you find ways around the worst hills, but even on the not-so-bad ones I find I rely a lot on engine-braking
Figure 1: Lombard Street
Definitely avoided Lombard. I could just imagine some car stopping midway down hill and me eating it in front of all the tourists lol
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