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Sad Me

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New badges on the ol' riding jacket , to accompany my SCR pin
Outerwear Sleeve Textile Grey Collar

I AM the Avatar of Malcolm!!!
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JRX definitely not sad ogri is the biker we all aspire to be, so said is creator Paul sample, sadly we are 99% time Malcolm!
Been a fan since the 70's got my every strip book at the NEC a few years back.
All time fave #69 transferring bike controls into side car to avoid foul weather.
Here's me having a beer with the great man.
Jeans Art Door Wood Flooring
Sleeve Book Window Publication Electronic device
Vehicle Cartoon Gesture Art Automotive tire
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I shudder to think what the Conpendium is worth now , my Ogri Omnibus ( the first 100 cartoons), is something like £110.00 on Amazon.
Anyway I am now hunting for a Mitzi pin , to complete the set, but they appear as rare as hen's teeth
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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