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Taking the SCR950 FROM VICTORIA, BC to WINNIPEG, MB (and back) TRIP BLOG

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Hey everyone, I am new here, I want to share this trip and document my experience of riding the SCR950 through BC, The Rockies, and across the Prairies. Going from Victoria BC to Winnipeg MB and back!

About me: First year rider, I took a professional course from zero skill to riding in March this year. This is my first season and the SCR950 is my first bike. I am 27, loving it so far but seriously lack any real long distance experience.

About the bike: I bought it with 2000 kms, it has 4500 km on it. Just got an oil change done before the trip tomorrow.
- Oxford heated grips
- Custom seat installed from Local Auto Upholstery company. Bought a heated element and had that installed at the same time.
- Fehling rack (found from this forum).

About the trip: To give some context, Canada is massive, people from Europe I know thought you could drive from Vancouver to Toronto in a day. Not the case. From here (west coast) to Winnipeg (middle of Canada) is 2391 KM, and a 26 hour drive. I am planning on doing 2.5 days.

I am leaving tomorrow straight from work to catch the ferry on Vancouver Island (5pm). Staying with family in Vancouver 1 night then heading out Wednesday AM and hopefully getting to Calgary in the same day (10.5 hours). The day after I am hoping to go from Calgary to Winnipeg (about 14-16 hours).

I will send photos of the bike all packed up and some updates on how it is going throughout. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be posting edits or comments to update on the trip! Happy riding and stay safe.

Added a couple photos of recent camping trips that me and the gf went on this summer.


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Sounds fantastic!! Enjoy!
That's almost 1.7 round trips across the breadth of Texas! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_10_in_Texas

Godspeed, young man, and welcome to the forum.
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