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Test rode a 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan Today

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I've kinda been researching the Himalayan for a while. I knew that the 410cc engine only makes 24.5 hp but it's very torquey for its size and just tractors up hills and that sort of makes up for it to some. The earlier versions had frame issues but apparently that's been sorted out.

What I love about the bike is this, the ergonomics and agility are wonderful for me. The suspension works great for my 185 lbs. The instrumentation is great. It even has ambient air temp, tach and compass. Otherwise, the bike is kinda no-frills as you would expect for the $4749 ABS model.

What I don't like is this, the engine made even less power than I expected, you can't really tell by the feel or the sound when it's time to shift. The little motor is really noisy. It sounds like hardware being shaken in a can.

I should point out that the unit I test rode is broken in and is a personal bike of the dealership's owner. I wanted to love the Himalayan but it didn't happen. There is a 650 cc version rumored to be coming. If that happens, I'll check into it. Have any of you guys looked into the Himalayan?
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I sat on one when I went to test ride the INT 650 and GT 650. It felt very comfortable with my 34" inseam. I didn't get a chance to take it on the road, but I do like its aesthetics. This is the first I've heard about them potentially planning a 650 version. If I was buying an RE right now it'd be the INT, but that's just one man's preference.
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