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First, I love the look of the SCR and this is one of the big draws to this bike. I had a friend with a Bolt and he seemed to really love it, but not the right bike for me.

I currently have a GL1500 Goldwing, big heavy tourer. Handling is poor and it is just too much bike for my needs. I also have a GL1200 Goldwing Naked bike I am working on.
So for my riding needs I want a bike that will do 90% on road, some mild off road stuff, mainly fire roads, forest service etc. I don't need a R1200GSA or a KLR650. But, I do need a big that I can get off the beaten path a little bit. (had a KLR and sold it)
I think I have seen every review on the SCR950 and been looking around here a bit for answers.

I looked on line for bikes and right now there are several dealers that are listing 2017 Brand New SCR950's at $3995. This seems like too good of a deal to pass on without looking into it.

I work from home so I don't get to ride everyday, no commute. I ride when I can and have great twisty roads near my house and on this side of the state (Eastern Washington). Every year my buddy and I go on a week long trip, this year it is out to Yellowstone. Will be about 2000+ miles.

I know in stock form, the seat is not great, but Corbin make a good one as well as a few other places. Racks and bags are available.

Do you think this would be a good bike for my needs? Some long touring, some day trips. Mild off road, mostly highway and back roads.

For the price I could sell my Goldwing and come real close to paying cash for it. Might have to sell both bikes.

Please, any advice you can offer would be great. Oh, and I am 49, 6 foot tall, 215lbs if that helps.

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Welcome to the Forum!
First off, you really can't go wrong with buying this bike... as long as you plan on keeping it. Yes, you will buy it cheap, but if you try to sell it after a year or two, you're gonna sell it for much less.
$3995 is a great price, but once the dealer adds on the fees, that's the REAL price.
In my opinion, if you can buy a new one for less than $5,000 out the door ( minus tax), you got a great deal.
BTW, I am 54, 6'2", 240 lbs and I love this bike! I recovered the seat with a Seat Concepts kit and it helps. With the upright seating position, I can stand up on the pegs while going through town to give my butt some relief. Good luck! Jevers
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