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Thinking of selling my SCR950

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I am doing a lot of highway touring lately and the SCR950 is just not the bike for that. It sits and I ride my other bikes. Sooo i'm seriously considering selling it. Here's the specs:

2017 SCR950
10k miles

OEM accessories:
  • Skid plate modified to fit with Bolt crash bars
  • Flyscreen/front numberplate
  • Adventure Pegs
  • Bolt crashbars modified to fit on the SCR950

Non OEM accessories:
  • Flyscreen extender on custom brackets (doesn't attach to flyscreen)
  • USB power mounted on windshield (to charge a phone)
  • Adjustable levers
  • TUSK hand guards
  • Renthal crossbar pad (red)
  • Supertrapp muffler on custom-made midpipe (retains O2 sensor). NOT loud, but quite bassy.
  • Luimoto brown seat cover
  • Brown grips
  • LED headlight in stock bucket (original headlight included). Knockoff of the Denali from twisted throttle.
  • Red fork gaiters (original gaiters included)
  • Baron's Rise-up kit for the rear shocks (also dropped tubes in trees 1/2" to even bike out)
  • Mefo Explorer front and Shinko 805 rear
  • Rear tire hugger thingy
  • Custom tail tidy to relocate the license plate right off the fender. New LED lighting for plate as well
  • Handlebar risers
  • Thumbscrews for side covers
  • Quick-release seat latch (no fumbling with a wrench, and it makes the under-seat area easily accessible for storage)
  • Extensive toolkit put together with thought to servicing the bike on the road. All fits in OEM tool container.
  • Relocated ignition switch to left side of bike
I can return the ride height to stock, (though you'll lose the upgraded handling and cornering clearance) or put the stock muffler back on. I have an extra OEM seat and a bunch of the take-offs.

I have a full set of quick-release customizable hard luggage that I can included, but it will add to the price. Inquire if interested.

I'm wanting to get $5000, but if it doesn't sell I'll entertain offers. Located in Durham, NC right off of I-40.

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