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I bought a TwinMax electronic balancer for my Transalp almost 20 years ago and it works just fine. Thing is, the price has gone up quite a bit for a tool one might use once in a blue moon. So, it's not exactly cost-friendly. I inherited a LCD readout balancer from the shop where I worked. One owner passed away and the surviving owner gifted it to me when the shop closed for good several months later. Anyhow, it cost about 4X what a new TwinMax runs these days. Carb Stix with mercury just scare the willies out of me.

What to do if you're on a budget and want to not die in your garage?
A simple, accurate, safe and very inexpensive balancer can be made from common items such as a yard stick, aquarium air line and some leftover oil or transmission fluid.
I found this page that explains it well enough. There are plenty of others out there, too.
Perfect for our simple, air cooled twins!
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