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Well it was a bit foggy but well above zero so we ventured out, and Toothless visited his friend...
Plant Water Tire Wheel Automotive lighting

so we headed off , locally it was clear but as soon as we crossed the ridge that surrounds Gatwick we descended into pea soup fog, luckily it cleared after ten miles, when we joined the A25 to Dorking. However the A25 had been closed somewhere behind where we joined it and they had been doing some serious earth moving so the road was horribly mucky, still got up to Newlands Corner....
Cloud Sky Water Atmosphere Plant

which was verr' pretty , in a hazy Surrey Hills kinda way, and we met....
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

some other friends...
Clothing Jeans Wheel Tire Land vehicle

getting ready ...
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Fuel tank

for a Ride out... however first...
Sky Table Plant Tableware Natural environment

we had a Mr Kipling cake celebration , for Mr Kimbell , civilian instructor to the RAF, who after 2 years of exams and boards , had passed his final exam, and is now Sgt. Kimbell of the RAF.
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Jeans Vehicle

So after some loud & diverting appearances we headed off....
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Sky Vehicle

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

To Compton, where we all queued and ordered our burgers... and waited... and waited... and watched the grease fire on the burger cooker get higher... and higher...
and retired to a safe distance until they had put the retardant blanket over the lot. We got our moey back... burgers were orf!

Then a cross country 40 mile blast back home, clean the bike , and beer in front of a real fire!
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