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What did I do to my SCR today? I rode it quite fast for part of the time , and I rode it quite far, Crawley to Newlands Corner, then to Box Hill, then to Arundel and back to Crawley, 119 Miles in semi sunshine
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Surrey was wierd, it looked like they were running all the rural bus routes with vintage buses, I saw 2 Routemaster double deckers, and 8 ingle deckers, including the ones above... and they were all full!
Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Of course some of the rad racers are now going for the minimalist approach...
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A triple slice of old Kawasaki heaven at Box Hill
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Some one put the kettle on? Radiators on bikes? if only they knew......
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Sky Plant

and at Whiteways... a CX650 Turbo, the performance of a 900 , with the thirst of a 1300...
Tire Wheel Sky Plant Vehicle

then on to Arundel & ford to take the photos I meant to take last weekend... the Hawker Hunter gate guard at Ford
Sky Vehicle Motor vehicle Plant Automotive lighting

Arundel Cathedral & Castle
Water Sky Plant Natural landscape Body of water

The (partly) medievil bridge over the Arun..
Three weeks ago I played colonial transport, moving 3 or 4 hundred embryonic colonists to a new home, see how well they are doing!
Wood Door Terrestrial animal Amphibian Pest

Poly wiggles! So there is me trying to explain why I have a jam jar full of frogspawn , at a bike meet......
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