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Bright Sunny day, even the Harleys were out... did a Surrey run to Newlands Corner near Guildford, and stopped off at Box Hill Dorking on the way back.
Met the UK Bolt club at Newlands, lots of scooters and Vincent owners club, lots of pretty autumn countryside,
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

I have heard of Jaffas , but this is ridiculous......
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

What harley riders get when they become old and stiff....
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Sweet Chrome Vincent.. with apologies to Ian Dury....
Sky Plant Building Wheel Window

The Smiths Hammer clock at Abinger hammer...
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Always useful having an MG42 in your sidecar....
Land vehicle Plant Vehicle Infrastructure Road surface

Brockham Bridge, ready for Rememberance Sunday....
Wheel Tire Fashion Hat Vehicle

Finally... beware the Dark Morris....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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